Out of the Box

Out of the Box was part of a larger a collaborative exhibition through the non-profit organization, Atelier Without Borders.  The organization uses art as a tool for cultural identity, working with education, inclusion, and training people of all ages in vulnerable communities.  The organization encourages and promotes artistic and cultural exchange between artists of various nationalities, enabling them to share their influences and roots.

Out of the Box was created by an association of women artists living in Miami who used recycled materials to create transformational artworks.  The objective of the project was primarily to inspire people of all backgrounds to engage in a creative process through the use of wood, paper, cardboard, and a myriad of other budget and environmentally friendly materials.  The project aimed to inspire others to use and reuse resources that would otherwise become trash and instead transform them into art. Our art.

The Atelier believes that, through recycling, it's possible to spread environmental awareness, explore and innovate new artistic approaches and share a positive message to our community.  If you would like more information about Atelier without Borders please visit www.atelierwithoutborders.org.

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