Catopezera: The Sound of Colors is a collection of 22 oil paintings that commemorate a traditional Brazilian celebration known as “Catope."

“Catope" is a ritual of folkloric expression influenced by African culture that has been in existence in the state of Minas Gerais for over 160 years.  It came from the "Congada," which is also an old tradition from Minas.

The paintings in the collection show groups of men, women and children carrying drums and tambourines and wearing white clothes and richly decorated helmets.  The paintings show dancers moving and playing through the city streets in praise of the Catholic saints, Our Lady of Rosario, Divine Holy Spirit, and St. Benedict.

Catopezera: The Sound of Colors strives to keep alive the sounds, colors and spirit of the Afro-Brazilian influence and history of the Catope and Candomble.  The collection aspires to remind Brazilians of the diverse and multicultural roots that bind us together as a united country.  The series also strives to show the Brazilian culture to other parts of the world so that it will always be alive.

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